Historical Korean Thriller Visual Novel ‘Suhoshin’ Now Available on Steam

Developer No More 500 has released their first visual novel, Suhoshin, on PC on April 14. The murder mystery thriller set on a historical era of Korea is now available on Steam with a weeklong 10% launch discount, going from the suggested price of $18.99 to $17.09.

Taking place during the Korean era known as Joseon, Suhoshin tells the story of a young guard called Yuri. As he returns home after a long time, he’s asked to investigate mysterious deaths that have been causing quite a bit of distress among the locals. He’ll soon find out the case is anything but trivial, making it much more serious than his initial assumptions.

As players investigate the case, multiple choices will lead down to branching paths and different endings. The game also offers a functional flowchart, so players can not only have a better grasp at how the story is structured but also use it to try again and fix any mistakes they’ve made along the way.

Due to the peculiar setting, which many players are likely to not be familiar with, the game includes an index of terms explaining what they mean. One special aspect also worth mentioning is that the characters are designed and illustrated by Kageyoshi, who was also responsible for KEMCO’s Raging Loop.

If you’d like to see a bit of the game in action, check out this English Suhoshin trailer the developer shared in February:

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