Fantasy Visual Novel ‘Hikari! Love Potion’ Gets PC Release Date

Denpasoft announced that the Toffer Team developed fantasy romance visual novel Hikari! Love Potion will launch on PC-via Steam and Denpasoft on August 30.

Hikari! Love Potion tells the story of Yuuta who is an average office worker. This doesn’t last for too long after he heads home one day and a portal opens before in the middle of the street. Out of the portal comes Sophia, a former elf princess who tells him that he’s the messiah she’s been looking for and the true savior of her world. Sophia then tells him that he must use an item known as the Love Potion to defeat a corrupt Goddess named Beatrice who is the cause of all her world’s chaos that will rid the entire world of men.

Players will need to use this Love Potion to reverse the effect of Beatrice’s brainwashing and get the girls to join their party. I’ve been interested in games for less so I’m in.

Hikari! Love Potion contains point-and-click adventure moments as well as choice that can be made during dialog. The game also contains 5 romance routes and is partially voiced acted with Japanese audio.

You can check out some gameplay screenshots below to get an idea of the characters:

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