Visual Novel ‘Higurashi When They Cry Hou+’ Gets November Release on PC

MangaGamer announced they will publish the 07th Expansion-developed visual novel Higurashi When They Cry Hou+ on PC via Steam and MangaGamer on November 9, 2023.

Pre-orders for the game are currently open. Higurashi When They Cry Hou+ is a sound novel. In this interactive novel, the harmonious blend of music, backgrounds, and characters constructs a vivid world where the player assumes the role of the protagonist. The user experiences the story from the protagonist’s perspective, enabling them to laugh, cry, get angry, and immerse themselves in the narrative.

The shadow of Hinamizawa’s tragic past has finally lifted, releasing those ensnared by its harrowing mysteries back in June 1983. However, the tale of Hinamizawa remains unfinished, with many uncharted worlds yet to be explored.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou+ marks the concluding chapter of the Higurashi When They Cry Hou series, offering four new chapters to the narrative.

Higurashi When They Cry Outbreak: Keiichi and his companions confront a fresh tragedy, this time involving a peculiar virus and the ensuing panic. The bizarre events continue.

Higurashi When They Cry Kamikashimashi Chapter: The tragedy extends its grip to Okonomiya, with no apparent end in sight. The question lingers: who is orchestrating these events, and what’s their purpose? Can it be halted? The narrative of Higurashi Outbreak reaches its resolution here.

Hinamizawa Bus Stop: Higurashi When They Cry Origin: A visit to Hinamizawa in a somewhat unconventional fragment. This fragment serves as the origin of what would later evolve into Higurashi When They Cry.

Higurashi When They Cry Mehagashi Chapter (Hou+ Additional Scenario): A looming tragedy threatens not only humanity but the entire galaxy. Keiichi Maebara stands at the center of this impending catastrophe. He must transcend the confines of girls’ swimsuits to safeguard the universe. However, can Keiichi, in solitude, overcome the challenges posed by the club members?

We’ll keep you updated on future announcements from this publisher.

You can watch the opening movie below:

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