Higurashi When They Cry Chapters 1-8 Discounted On PC Via Steam

Publisher MangaGamer has discounted all available entries of the Higurashi When They Cry series on PC via Steam. While Chapter 1 is ordinarily free, Chapters 2-8 are all individually 50% off. Additionally, there is a convenient bundle housing Chapters 2-8, which is 45% off, totaling $28.55. The individual Chapter store pages can also be accessed from the bundle page.

Interestingly enough, for those unaware, the efforts to get this series localized have been rather arduous. The final Chapter, Chapter 8, was only released last year. Still, at least prospective players can now experience the whole story without being cliff-hangered. This is one set of games worth getting all at once due to how interconnected they are and how each entry leads directly to the next.

Higurashi needs no introduction as its arrival signaled an alteration in how horror was perceived in anime. Its original sound novel and anime adaption have been celebrated for well over a decade due to their boldness in depicting fear. Further, the general depicted atmosphere and sound design are top-notch, and they became a clear source of inspiration for other horror media. The PC releases boast new character art that makes the title more appealing to more contemporary crowds since the original art style hasn’t exactly aged well, though it wields its own charm.

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