When They Cry Series, Higurashi, Discounted on Steam

Steam has always been a platform for gamers looking for a deal, most notably during the summer when the heat got us beat, and with all this sweating, worrying about our wallets is the last thing we need. So, for those looking to get into a new VN series MangaGamer has listed the entire When They Cry series for a nice discount which will last until July 31.

That is two weeks for the sale starting today, giving even the most broke gamers ample time to put together some cash. The best deal will be to pick up the entire bundle, but gamers who only want a taste to start with can purchase items from the bundle now and then pick up the rest later.

The When They Cry series is 07th Expansion’s leading franchise, though they have also worked on Rose Guns Days, and their main creator/writer, Ryukishi07, has worked on scripts for various other games. For instance, Ryukishi07 is currently working on Silent Hill f with Konami, and he has contributed to Visual Arts/Key titles such as Loopers and Rewrite (doing Lucia’s route).

The first When They Cry game series is Higurashi, released episodically from 2002 to 2006. The visual novels were adapted into anime, manga, and other media, giving them wide recognition for their horror themes and strong mystery ambiance. The series was continued through multiple extra chapters, new stories, and games over time, having even received an original anime called Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni GOU in 2020 and 2021.

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