Visual Novel ‘Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Minagoroshi’ Gets Western Release Date

MangaGamer announced that the seventh chapter in the 07th Expansion developed visual novel Higurashi When They Cry Hou series, Higurashi When They Cry Hou Ch. 7 – Minagoroshi, will launch on PC-via MangaGamer and Steam on July 18 for $7.95.

Minagoroshi is the seventh chapter in the visual novel series and follows how Keiichi manages to make the choice that would avert the tragedies of Watanagashi and Meakashi. With the new realization, Keiichi and the others are beginning to learn from the events in prior chapters, such as Rika finally gaining hope that there might be a way to end the relentless cycle they’ve found themselves in. However, hope is soon stifled with the arrival of Houjou Teppei, Satoko’s abusive uncle.

Minagoroshi will follow the club members as they try to stop the tragedy of Tatarigoroshi this time around as well as reveal the mastermind behind the chain of events of Hinamizawa.

If you’re confused about the story plot, that’s probably because you have played the other titles in the series, which is an easy recommendation from the staff of Noisy Pixel. However, be prepared for a long visual novel as you catch yourself up to speed.

Higurashi When They Cry Hou Ch. 7 – Minagoroshi will launch on July 18, you can watch the game’s trailer and check out some new screenshots below:

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