High School DxD Vol. 3 Review – Holy Swords and Lewdness

High School DxD Vol. 3 Review – Holy Swords and Lewdness

High School DxD is a series that combines high lewdness moments and combat between factions of demons, angels, and fallen angels. After the events of the last volume, High School DxD Vol. 3 brings forth another high-stakes combat centered around Kiba’s past.

The perverted boy Issei Hyoudou managed to save Rias from the marriage predicament with Riser Phenex. Now the voluptuous Occult Research Club president lives with him and Asia. It leads to exciting situations, as expected, as the two girls try to get his attention.

Everyday life should include all the fun the boy could have, but things can’t stay peaceful for long. After the knight of the Gremory Familia, Yuuto Kiba sees a picture of a holy sword in Issei’s album; his past comes back to torment him. This volume is surprisingly more about him than anyone else.

The boy had a traumatic past at the hands of the church, specifically because of the holy swords. Though he now serves Rias with his Sacred Gear Sword Birth, he hasn’t found closure with those events, still craving revenge.

When two Church believers come to town and decide to have a chat with Rias, his still open wounds have to be addressed, as some group has stolen the holy swords and brought them to town, Issei decides to create a group to destroy one of those weapons and allow Kiba to have some peace of mind.

High School DxD Vol. 3 uses this opportunity to explain a little of its lore once again. This time Ddraig reveals a little of his past while also teasing a future encounter Issei’s destined to have thanks to his Boosted Gear. The three-way war between angels, demons, and fallen angels is also central to the story.

The current battle could cause a big disaster for the town, as members of all groups are involved, with one particular high figure in their midst. The high stakes aren’t related just to the confrontation of people with high power levels but to the possibility that those factions might start a new war.

On the other hand, it’s not all dire situations. The comedy is also a high point with moments like Issei saying, “I’m the vessel of the Boosted Gear, and erotic and perverted thoughts fuel me!”. His silly antics and how he’s 100% all about his unashamed teenager hormones are endearing features and make it a fun read.

The volume includes the promised erotic process of neutralizing the dragon power in Issei’s body. Like other fanservice situations in the series, its descriptions make them hot even though they’re purely text-based with only one illustration.

High School DxD Vol. 3 is an enjoyable combo of shounen over-the-top battles and ecchi content. The focus on Kiba’s past is a little surprising but a compelling element of backstory and lore building. The battles have high stakes, but it’s still mostly an introduction to the series universe and a tease of a future destined battle between bearers of dragon Sacred Gears.

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