High School DxD Vol. 2 Light Novel Review – Delightful Fantasy

High School DxD Vol. 2 Light Novel Review – Delightful Fantasy

High School DxD Vol. 2, the light novel, occurs around a month after Issei is turned into a demon in the previous volume. Now, a member of Rias Gremory’s Familia, Issei has been training diligently to become a strong demon and build his harem.

High School DxD Vol. 2 begins as Issei gets into his demon training, but that won’t be easy for the boy who always has his mind in the gutter. Also, Rias has been distracted by something he doesn’t know about initially. All her servants eventually have to fight in their first Rating Game (combat between two demons and all their “pieces”).

Though this kind of battle may at first seem a little lighter than dealing with demons’ usual enemies such as angels or fallen angels, this is a significant “game” for Rias. After all, losing it may spell the end of her freedom in the human world.

One interesting thing to note is that the novel reintroduces some events, characters, and important terms when they’re relevant to the story. Thanks to that, it’s easy to pick the volume up even if the reader is a newcomer or someone who watched the anime so long ago they’ve forgotten most of it. Most of the volume covers Issei’s perspective, which is from the viewpoint of a horny teenager.

It works well for the narrative, filling it with fun scenes of him trolling his friends, control his horniness, and then using some of that pent-up energy as an innovative battle technique. The comedic moments are always on point.

The erotic situations also escalate with Rias doing some bold actions, which Issei has a hard time dealing with as a virgin young man. One of those is really near the border to hentai and even has great artwork from Miyama-Zero, whose illustrations are impressive complements, even though they’re only a few. With Rias’ adversary being a playboy, Issei can’t help but feel jealousy (as a fellow harem degenerate) and some concern.

The volume shows how much effort he dedicates to it in a training arc before the showdown begins. With all that effort, Issei gets clear improvements over his previous self, with the volume covering the entirety of the battle. A few twists within the final events hint at what the author, Ichiei Ishibumi, has in store for the next volumes.

High School DxD Vol. 2 is a nice piece of the delightful erotic shounen storytelling. Issei’s perspective as an unapologetic pervert is incredibly engaging, and the volume is fun until the end, with good teases of what comes next for the series.

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