Hideki Kamiya Wants Bayonetta to Keep Going For a While, Even Up to 9 Mainline Entries; Cutie J Spinoff Yearning

The creator of the Bayonetta franchise, Hideki Kamiya, was recently interviewed by IGN Japan regarding the Bayonetta series and future projects.

Of the numerous remarks made throughout this interview, the following is especially significant (translated via our team’s Ryuji):

Interviewer: Any chances we might see a Bayonetta 4 or a Bayonetta 5?

Kamiya: In my mind, I find it impossible for the Bayonetta series to end. I talk about the possibility of perhaps even going as far as having nine entries quite often at the company. Of course, I will not do anything that would betray the fans of this series. I want the people who love the Bayonetta series to believe in me.

Further, Kamiya has many ideas to expand the universe of Bayonetta via spinoffs, with one even featuring a superhero form of Jeanne called Cutie J. Unfortunately, further details on this potentially exciting venture were not elaborated, but we’re sure intrigued.

Another topic brought up pertains to the distance set between himself and fans due to the divisiveness of Bayonetta 3’s story direction. Still, Kamiya has no intentions of abandoning the narrative regardless of negative reception because he believes creators should pursue their passions instead of trying to appease fan desires.

Lastly, there are desires in the company to increase the number of staff, primarily due to the development of the still highly-elusive Project G.G.

Thanks to Dualshockers for sharing this noteworthy interview.

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A prequel for the series, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, was recently announced and is launching for Switch on March 17, 2023.

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