Hideki Kamiya Discusses PlatinumGames’ Departure & Future Plans; New Game Proposal in Mind

Hideki Kamiya Discusses PlatinumGames’ Departure & Future Plans; New Game Proposal in Mind

Outlet IGN recently conversed with creator Hideki Kamiya, who recently left PlatinumGames, discussing his departure from the company and his future plans.

Kamiya elaborated on his reasoning for leaving PlatinumGames being that it was because its direction differed from his beliefs as a developer. There was a loss of trust that was previously established.

“I don’t think of games as products, but rather as works of art. I want to put my artistry into games and deliver games that could only be made by Hideki Kamiya, so that players can enjoy Hideki Kamiya games exactly as they are. I decided to leave the company and forge my own path, to continue making games that reflect the developers who made them.”

“PlatinumGames has placed a priority on growing as a company. But I personally have no interest in growing a company for the sake of corporate growth. The desire to make interesting games is the first step for me, so I want to stay true to that. ‘Creating things with freedom of thought’ means that if my friends come together and say that they would like to work with me, I want to be able to consider ways to collaborate with them to make it happen, so that we can make games together.”

Kamiya then discussed how his coworkers reacted to the decision and his lingering feelings on the matter. As for the YouTube side, Kamiya made an account on a whim, and he’s been feeling positive about it as it displays himself as more approachable, contrasting his persona on Twitter.

Lastly, Kamiya does have a vision for his next mind, and he’s trying to actualize it as a proposal as soon as possible. He only describes it as a “Hideki Kamiya game.” Further, he emphasized and clarified that he didn’t leave PlatinumGames to work with a specific partner or develop a specific game elsewhere. He had no plans in place for after he left PlatinumGames.

You can view IGN’s full interview for additional comments.

On his YouTube channel, Kamiya mentioned his nine-episode saga plans for the Bayonetta franchise, as well as his desire to work on Viewtiful Joe and Okami again.

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