Adventure RPG ‘Hero must die. again’ Coming West to PC

Degica announced that the Pyramid and G-mode developed adventure RPG Hero must die. again will launch on PC-via Steam in the west in spring 2020.

Hero must die. again tells the story of the player who is set in the role of a hero. Your last memory was of fighting with a demon by the name of Guile, to which you won, but somehow died in the process. Now, you have forgotten to one person you fought the demon for. Because of your hard work, the gods have awarded you with five more days to of life, but each day has a toll on you and you must find the one you forgot.

Hero must die. again is an anti-RPG where the hero is stronger at the beginning of the game and becomes weaker. The game features 50 endings depending on what you do with your time back in the land of the living. There are eight heroines to build a relationship in the game, but only one is the true love who you were protecting before the fight with the demon. During gameplay, players can resolve multiple problems as they work toward closure.

Hero must die. originally released on PlayStation Vita in Japan in 2016.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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