Hero.EXE Kickstarter Funded in 24 Hours; Stretch Goals Include Beach Event

Top Hat Studios announced they will publish the Mystery Egg Games-developed tactical-action RPG Hero.EXE on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched where fans could pick up exclusive rewards and merchandise. The campaign also has a demo available for players to try out before investing. However, it seems the game will be developed as it zoomed past its 20k goal in 24 hours. The developer revealed additional stretch goals that include a boss rush mode and a beach event.

Hero.EXE is inspired by Mega Man Battle Network and features elements of card collecting and visual novel storytelling. Based in another world, The Grid was created as an internet that turned into a digital environment of cities and what is knowns as A.V.A.s, which allow users to explore these areas. However, one day, an A.V.A appears before the user and changes their destiny.

Gameplay has players customizing decks of over 300 unique cards that are used during grid-based battles. Throughout the game, players will interact with characters that grow the narrative and reveal some compelling relationships, with some choices having an effect on the outcome.

I think reading about the game doesn’t do it as much justice as watching. You can check out Hero.EXE below:

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