Adventure Mystery ‘Hermitage: Strange Case Files’ Coming West to PC and Consoles

Giiku Games announced that they will publish the Arrowiz-developed adventure mystery Hermitage: Strange Case Files in the west on PC-via Steam and consoles.

Hermitage: Strange Case Files is a horror mystery set in a bookstore named Hermitage. The bookstore itself attracts unusual customers who are dealing with paranormal issues. Players take on the role of the bookshop owner, who is a former anthropology professor never seen outside of the bookstore. Evidently, there’s a handful of horrific events taking place, and the owner enlists the help of a hacker, detective, and legal consultant to solve the mystery of the store.

During gameplay, players will interview characters and choose their approach to taking on the case from the intel they’ve gathered. Information can be found during dialog, TV news, web forums, phone messages, and emails. Once enough is collected, players will put their assumptions to the test, which can change the story completely.

Currently, Hermitage: Strange Case Files is set to release in the west on PC and consoles, but the exact consoles that the game will release on have not been revealed at this time. The developer is a Chinese studio that recently launched Detective Kobayashi on Steam.

You can check out screenshots below:

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