Skateboarding Roguelike Helskate Launches on Early Access; 10 Hours of Content, Plays on Steam Deck

Skateboarding Roguelike Helskate Launches on Early Access; 10 Hours of Content, Plays on Steam Deck

Phantom Coast announced their anticipated skateboarding roguelike Helskate is available no on PC via Steam Early Access for $24.99.

“When I worked on Tony Hawk’s Underground it occurred to me that a lot of elements in the game we were making were similar to an RPG,” says Helskate game director Steve Swink. “Character customization, collecting special tricks and stat points, a wide variety of skills that players could master to suit their play styles. With Helskate we wanted to make a game that takes the simple, yet engaging feel of classic arcade Skateboarding games and further explore those low-key RPG mechanics.

“Our Early Access launch is our first step in the pursuit of making a game cocktail that mixes the best of skating, character action, and games that inspire you to try ‘one more run.’ We hope players join us for the ride as we work to perfect it.”

The team has also shared a development roadmap:


Helskate offers a unique twist on the action roguelite genre by combining skateboarding with monster-slaying adventure. Players will navigate the demonic city of Vertheim, using their skateboarding skills to grind, wall ride, and perform tricks that empower their attacks against the lurking monsters.

The game encourages experimentation with a variety of weapons, gear, and tapes to tailor each run to the player’s style, enhancing replayability. Permanent upgrades come in the form of tattoos, offering a boost to take on increasingly challenging foes. Combat is dynamic, with skateboarding tricks fueling powerful abilities and buffs. Players must strategize and utilize their full repertoire of skills to conquer the Gods of Skating, facing unique challenges like scoring high on vert ramps and exploiting the weaknesses of ancient skating deities.

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