Hello Lady! Complete Edition Gets January Release Date

Hello Lady! Complete Edition Gets January Release Date

NekoNyan has announced Hello Lady! Complete Edition‘s release date. The Akatsuki Works visual novel will be available on PC -via Steam– on January 21, 2022. As usual, the edition will include English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) as language options as well as the original Japanese voices.

Hello Lady! takes place in the Amakawa Noble Academy, which gathers young men and women who can become the hope for humanity’s future. This school carries 200 Unpolished Nobles,  dividing them into tiers of proficiency. At the top of the ranks of those nobles are five girls who are called the Crowns. However, one day, a new transfer student called Shinri Narita is made the sixth Crown, making him the sole boy with that privilege.

As the young and somewhat eccentric Shinri starts to find fault in the system, he may be responsible for a big revolution in the academy. On the other side, the leader of the Crowns, Saku Otonashi, doesn’t trust the newcomer and declares he must be stopped.

The Hello Lady! Complete Edition, also known as Superior Entelecheia in Japan, includes not only Hello Lady! but also its fandisc, New Division. This second game includes alternate routes for two heroines who weren’t available in the original game.

Check out a few screenshots below:

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