Hellfront: Honeymoon Gets PC, PS4, and Xbox One Release Later This Month

After Thanksgiving, you’re planning on playing some jolly co-op games with your friends and family. But during your search, you can’t seem to find a co-op game intense enough to make your adrenaline-loaded uncle happy. Thankfully, indie developer SkyGoblin has something in store for you.

SkyGoblin’s extreme twin-stick multiplayer action strategy game, Hellfront: Honeymoon, is blasting its way to Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 30 for $9.99. The Nintendo Switch version is slated for an early 2019 release. It’s being published by Thunderful, and it’ll be the publisher first-ever published game.

In Hellfront: Honeymoon, up to four players fight for control over a single screen battlefield. While shooting bullets like a madman is effective for getting kills, mindlessly shooting away at enemies will ultimately lead to your demise. Strategy and skill are required to win as you must focus on base building and managing a slew of troops, as well. With Hellfront: Honeymoon’s mix of action and strategy, SkyGoblin has referred to the game as a “sci-fi party war game.”

All levels support 2-4 player multiplayer (local co-op/deathmatch). Taking on each level solo is also an option. There will be tons of missions to complete, devious AI opponents to shoot down, and online leaderboards to conquer. If you want to truly enjoy Hellfront: Honeymoon, SkyGoblin recommends (via the game’s Steam page) purchasing snacks and fruit juice and consuming those while playing.

Get your daily adrenaline rush by checking out Hellfront: Honeymoon‘s announcement trailer and screenshots below.


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