Helldivers 2 Reveals New Gameplay Trailer; Stratagems, Armor System & Co-op Highlighted

Helldivers 2 is a tactical cooperative third-person shooter that was announced earlier this year, taking it from a top-down perspective behind the character’s back. Little has been shown off since the first announcement. However, Sony has released a PlayStation Blog post and trailer for what players can expect when landing on a hostile planet for the first time.

This trailer opens up with several shots of gameplay, going from players shooting bigger creatures ending to a shot of a tactical air bomb going off on several enemies. From there, Arrowhead’s CEO and Creative Director, Johan Peterson, introduces the stratagem system. This system allows players to control the flow of battle by calling down supplies or heavy machinery to help keep the hordes of enemies at bay.

This system is not new to veterans of the game but will be vital in obtaining victory in each mission. However, players will need to take precautions when using these, as a misplaced shot or barrage could spell the end for their teammate, forcing a respawn and turning each encounter into a tactical landmine as players fight back without inadvertently killing themselves.

Finally, armor has been inspired by real-life ballistics being fired at heavily armored enemies. So, if a player shoots at an armored foe, but the angle is too shallow, the bullet will ricochet off the armor.

The trailer details this as multiple bullets are clearly bouncing off a heavily armored insect doing little to no damage. While not explicitly said, this system will also apply to players, so a heavily armored player should be able to take a stray bullet or two from their comrades.

You can check out the latest Helldivers 2 trailer below:

Helldivers 2 will release on PlayStation 5 and PC later this year.

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