Clannad Scenario Writer Reveals New Project ‘Heaven Burns Red’ and “You Will Cry at the End”

Visual Arts revealed that Key is working on a new mobile RPG project titled Heaven Burns Red.

The project will bring together a handful of talented creators, but none more prominent than the Key co-founder himself Jun Maeda. Maeda-son is famous in the visual novel community for working as the scenario writer for some of the community’s most beloved visual novels, including Clannad and Little Busters!. However, after the development of Little Busters! he stepped down as a scenario writer and allowed other writers to make a name for themselves within the company.

Now, after 13 years, Maeda-son is back with a new project. Interestingly, in a post on the official website, Maeda-san states that this project is was created because playing visual novel games on PC has become lost and there is little financial gain in the industry. He hopes that this mobile game will ensure the survival of Key. He also states that players will feel emotionally invested in this game and you will cry at the end.

With him, character designer Yuugen is joining the team who has worked on various anime projects and Na-Ga, who has worked on Little Busters! as well other Key titles like Angel Beats! and Charlotte.

Basically, this game is being on by some great creators in this industry and we’ll definitely share more about its development as we learn more. Being that this is an RPG title, we are interested to see what comes out of the project.

For now, Key fans will just have to wait for the upcoming release on Summer Pockets in the west, which is still planned for a 2019 release in the west.

Heaven Burns Red is in development for iOS and Android.

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