Eroge ‘Heart de Roommate Remastered’ Releasing Late September 2022

JAST USA is continuing its series of classic eroge remasters with school life romantic comedy Heart de Roommate, initially released in 2003 by Angel Smile with a 2004 English translation by G-Collections. The story’s 26 episodes, told in the style of an anime series, follow Yusuke, a down-on-his-luck transfer student who’s left without a place to live for the school year when a childhood friend, Asumi, offers to house him in her dorm.

Of course, in order to secretly live in the girls’ dorm, he has to dress as a girl… And the only space for him to sleep is the closet… And his roommates turn him into their housemaid… You know, the usual shenanigans as the inevitable romance blooms.

heart de roommate
Remastered artwork and interface compared to original English release.

The remastered version of Heart de Roommate is optimized for modern systems, with upscaled HD artwork (from 640×480 to 1280×960), an improved user interface, and Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility. Previously remastered eroges from JAST include Do You Like Horny Bunnies?The Sagara Family, and the complete X-Change series, with hopefully more to come soon.

If you already own the original version of Heart de Roommate on JAST’s store, you’ll get the remastered version for free, but if not, you can preorder it at a 15% discount before its September 30th release.

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