Haven Preview – A Mix of Love and Action

Romeo and Juliet, a classic yet tragic romantic tale from William Shakespeare about two young, passionate lovers who could not be with one another because of a long vendetta between both of their families.

Haven, an upcoming adventure RPG from developer The Game Bakers (the team that created mega indie-hit, Furi) is like Romeo and Juliet, but has two lovers who instead of ending in tragedy, decide to run away.

Set in a corrupted and unusual lost planet, Haven tells the story of two star-crossed lovers, Yu and Kay, who, who escaped to a planet to stay together and find themselves being the only humanoids around. Unlike Furi, which was one heck of an intense boss rush, the developer has focused on making Haven a more relaxing, intimate, and story-rich adventure with a lovely protagonist couple players will most likely fall in love with.

The goal here, though, is for Yu and Kay to unravel all the mysteries within the planet in hopes of staying together. As the story progresses, players will experience the many challenges the two lovers have to overcome, all the while experiencing everyday, slice of life moments like making meals and laying in bed. This deep level of character-building will have players be able to see exactly how the characters’ relationship evolves. In conjunction with this, I was pleased to discover that Haven will have several rich character dialogue scenes, that at times, the player can actually choose specific character responses that can cause some implications to occur — which allows players to be even more connected with the characters.

Haven Demo 3

When I mentioned that Yu and Kay are inseparable, I wasn’t joking, as players will need to control both characters at the same time,  when gliding across the planet and exploring and also while in battle. Those that are worried about this being a local co-op only adventure have nothing to fear since solo-play will be an option. But of course, playing with a special someone would be pretty romantic and sweet.

Speaking of special, Haven‘s innovative, turn-based and real-time fused combat system stood out to me because of how I had to make sure to focus on using both characters simultaneously. There were times when I could simply use one character’s abilities at a time, but to unleash truly powerful abilities, properly timed coordinated chain commands were required. For instance, Yu and Kay, can do a unite attack called “Duo Impact” that has the two rush towards the enemy to throw a mighty blow. The combat system was easy to get the hang of, and it was engaging enough for me to keep wanting to take down enemies.

Haven Demo 18

What will have players’ undivided attention is the remarkable, skillfully-woven presentation in Haven, and how the main characters’ strong relationship is intertwined with every single element in the game. Also, many will love its dreamy and colorful art style, and its riveting electronic soundtrack that matches the game’s vibe.

Playing through Haven will be a serene and breathtaking journey to go on, that’ll be full of touching moments. Whether you’re a fan of RPGs or a love story fanatic, do yourself a favor and keep an eye on Haven.

Haven Demo 20

While release platforms and a release date have yet to be finalized, Haven is currently planned to launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam sometime in early 2020.

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