2D Action Rogue-Lite ‘Have A Nice Death’ Receives Early Access Update With Added Content

Perfect World Entertainment released a new update for the Magic Design Studios-developed 2D action rogue-lite Have A Nice Death, available now on PC via Steam Early Access.

The update allows players to unlock Infrastructure Development, which includes a new reward system with bonuses for skilled play, full access to Modern Warfare Department, added spells and Thanagers (mini-bosses), and a host of “quality-of-death” improvements.

Here’s a full list of content available with the Infrastructure Development update:

  • Lobby Challenge – Meet Jocelyn, Death Incorporated’s elevator, who offers a series of exciting challenges in between runs. Each challenge unlocks an instant bonus, such as a new weapon or spell. However, some challenges have a set requirement — failure to complete this task will lead to a major consequence, like less health, less mana and much more.
  • Full Access to Modern Warfare Department – We gave everyone a small taste of this world when Have a Nice Death released last month. Starting today, you’ll now have access to the entire level, complete with five different enemies: a veteran armed with a drum of explosives, a headless figure who leaves behind land mines, a fire-breathing pyromaniac, a cadet with homing missiles and an unhinged pilot who drops bombs from above.
  • Breakroom Upgrades and New Relaxation Area- Visit the new water cooler in the breakroom, where you can trade Soulary in for Anima to restore health. There’s also a new vending machine where you can randomly score a new item or take damage if the machine is broken. If you need a break, you can visit the new Relaxation Area where you can pick up a healing cup of Koffee for free and rest up.
  • New Thanagers – Management has hired four new Thanagers (mini-bosses) to reign terror at Death Incorporated:
    • Leon Clean is the custodial engineer responsible for keeping the Hall of Eternity spotless. Watch out for his deadly vacuum which projects deadly trash.
    • X4-H is a dangerous mutagen with uncontrollable saliva who has taken over the Industrial Pollution Department.
    • Richard J. Barron can also be found wandering the Industrial Pollution Department. In a former life, he was a crooked oil tycoon who profited from fossil fuel.
    • Ms. Camille Flage may look slow, but she is a fury unleashed and has an insane vertical attack. She can be found trudging through the Modern Warfare Department.
  • Added Spells – Recruits can discover five brand new spells that give you the power to flambé enemies from a distance, deal massive damage with a single detonation, along with other abilities.
  • Bug Fixes and “Quality of Death Improvements” – We’ve tasked the minions at Magic Design Studios with updating game mechanics and fixing issues that our mortal players have reported in the first month of development.

The developer will continue to roll out content for the Early Access title throughout the year.

Have A Nice Death is a 2D action rogue-lite where players play as Death, Founder, and CEO of Death Incorporated. Death has found himself in a period of burnout, as his top executives known as the Sorrows, have been running rampant on Earth’s surface and ignoring protocol. So, his paperwork is piling up and he must regain control of his company if only to get a little vacation.

In case you missed it, check out our preview.

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