Joseimuke Visual Novel ‘Haunted Obachestra’ Reveals the Womanizing Unicorn Fumiyomi Hitokado

Joseimuke Visual Novel ‘Haunted Obachestra’ Reveals the Womanizing Unicorn Fumiyomi Hitokado

Moonchime Studios has shared a new character profile for Haunted Obachestra. Their Twitter account revealed some info on the unicorn Fumiyomi Hitokado. The joseimuke visual novel developed by Poni-Pachet will have a Kickstarter launched in July, 2022, though more details about this crowdfunding campaign will be shared later.

Written by Yumas (Ozmafia!!, Steam Prison), Haunted Obachestra tells the story of a young man or woman called Yukiha Nasu. They end up moving into a western-style house because rent is cheap but not only will they share a house with multiple people, these individuals happen to be non-humans who love playing old-fashioned instruments and practice in the basement.

We already know the vampire Exnaz von Enterstein, the incubus Merry Christhrnova, and the werewolf Gioh von Wolfhart. This time Moonchime has shared the character profile for Fumiyomi Hitokado, who’s voiced by Yamashita Seiichirou. His other roles include Yoichi from Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo and Subaru Aster from Primula’s upcoming joseimuke Qualia/Δ.

Fumiyomi is a university librarian who is especially knowledgeable about German literature. On one side, he’s the stereotypical bookworm who doesn’t talk too much and it’s really hard to get under his skin. On the other, he’s a major womanizer and has no shame of his libido which he considers to be a natural thing due to his nature as a unicorn.

Curiously, his tendency to be aloof, often daydreaming about something or the other led to him becoming popular. It’s said that his behavior gave him a sort of mysterious allure, which seems to be misplaced. All in all, based on the description, he seems like one of those bookworm dorks you can’t decide if they’re smart, dumb or a very specific mix of both.

Haunted Obachestra fumiyoni character profile

If you’d like to get a glimpse of Fumiyomi’s voice, you can check out the official Japanese site for Poni-Pachet’s multimedia project which offers a few samples of his voice. There is also an audio sample for his music in the CDs based on the project. Check out his character song below:

We’ll let you know as Moonchime and Poni-Pachet share more information on the upcoming Haunted Obachestra English release.

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