Joseimuke Visual Novel ‘Haunted Obachestra’ Details Noble Vampire Exnaz Von Enterstein in Character Profile

Moonchime Studios has shared the first bits of information on Haunted Obachestra. With a character profile shared on Twitter, the localization company has revealed a character profile on one of the main characters: the vampire Exnaz von Enterstein. The joseimuke visual novel developed by Poni-Pachet will have a Kickstarter launched in July, 2022, though more details about this crowdfunding campaign will be shared later.

Written by Yumas (Ozmafia!!, Steam Prison), Haunted Obachestra tells the story of a young man or woman called Yukiha Nasu. They end up moving into a western-style house because rent is cheap but not only will they share a house with multiple people, these individuals happen to be non-humans who love playing old-fashioned instruments and practice in the basement.

One of such housemates is the vampire Exnaz von Enterstein, who’s voiced by Kento Ito. He comes from the noble Enterstein family, which means he faced his fair share of family feuds. Tired of all the traditions and disputes, he moved all the way to Japan. However, he still very much acts like the stereotypical noble: with elegance and arrogance while also acting a little out-of-touch with reality due to his skewed perspective.

Like the typical vampire story, Exnaz uses a coffin, but his resting “bed” of choice is surprisingly modern being equipped with Wi-Fi connection and a computer he seems to use for stock trading. While his reflection doesn’t show up on mirrors just as expected, things like sunlight and crosses don’t really hurt him, they just make him feel tired, that’s all.

Haunted Obachestra exnaz character profile

We’ll let you know as Moonchime and Poni-Pachet share more information on the upcoming Haunted Obachestra English release.

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