Joseimuke Visual Novel ‘Haunted Obachestra’ Reveals Otaku Fallen Angel Erlucia Kaketsuki

Moonchime Studios has shared a new character profile for Haunted Obachestra. Their Twitter account revealed some info on the fallen angel Erlucia Kaketsuki. The joseimuke visual novel is developed by Poni-Pachet, and its Kickstarter is planned for a launch soon, though it missed its original estimated window of July 2022. More details about this crowdfunding campaign will be shared at a later date.

Written by Yumas (Ozmafia!!, Steam Prison), Haunted Obachestra tells the story of a young man or woman called Yukiha Nasu. They end up moving into a western-style house because rent is cheap but not only will they share a house with multiple people, these individuals happen to be non-humans who love playing old-fashioned instruments and practice in the basement.

So far, the localization company has shared profiles for the vampire Exnaz von Enterstein, the incubus Merry Christhrnova, the werewolf Gioh von Wolfhart, the unicorn Fumiyomi Hitokado, and the hellhound boys Henas Meidoh, Dhyos Meidoh, and Treis Meidoh.

Continuing the trend, we now get a closer look at Erlucia Kaketsuki, a fallen angel voiced by Toshinari Fukamachi. His voice actor’s other roles include Tsukiji Tobimaru in the upcoming Witch on the Holy Night console release, Navid in Bustafellows, Andy Bogard in The King of Fighters for Girls, Mashiro Kanade in Ikemen Live, and Johann Steiner in Piofiore: Episodio 1926.

Erlucia left the heavens because he was bored and ran away with Orpheus’ lyre. Despite his current circumstances, he isn’t actually serious about music, he just enjoys the company of these oddballs. What he actually cares about is drawing shonen manga and he’s currently running and publishing his own series about humanized harbors.

This passion for manga and anime seems to take over him at times, as he uses social media for live-reactions. Some of the gods even muted him because it can get a little too intense for their tastes, but they still try to get him to return home whenever possible.

haunted obachestra erlucia kaketsuki profile

If you want a glimpse at Erlucia’s voice, check out this trailer of his character album from the official Poni-Pachet site for Haunted Obachestra:

We’ll let you know as Moonchime and Poni-Pachet share more information on the upcoming Haunted Obachestra Kickstarter campaign and English release.

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