Hatsune Miku 15th Anniversary Artwork & New Music Video “Starly Start” Revealed

Hatsune Miku 15th Anniversary Artwork & New Music Video “Starly Start” Revealed

The official Twitter account for Hatsune Miku has reiterated that their 15th Anniversary figure project by Spiritale is in progress.

However, to further celebrate this musical icon, new artwork by illustrator Rella has been shared, viewable below:


Additionally, a new musical promotional video, “Starly Start,” has been shared for the occasion, viewable below:

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Megamix+ is now available to purchase on PC via Steam. This title was formerly exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and this new release boasts new implementations appealing to veterans and newcomers alike.

The following key features are advertised for this PC release:

  • Over 170 Songs: Project DIVA debuts on PC with over 170 songs and music videos. Get into classics like “Melt” and “Cendrillon” plus new favorites like “Catch The Wave”!
  • Endless Customization: Dress Miku and friends from head to toe in over 500 dazzling hairstyles, costumes, and accessories.
  • Two Visual Style Options: Freely switch between two visual graphic styles for different experiences. Enjoy the pop of the “Mega Mix” style or the gloss of the high-fidelity “Future Tone” style.
  • Multitude of Modes: Explore additional modes! Curate a playlist to perfection with the Custom Playlist feature, hone your technique in Practice Mode or design a totally custom top for Miku in the T-Shirt Editor.
  • Play Your Way: Configure button inputs to harmonize with your playstyle and accessibility preferences as supported by Steam-compatible controllers.

If you missed it, check out our review.

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