Frontwing Visual Novel ‘Hatsumira: From the Future Undying’ Coming to Switch with English Support

Publisher Prototype has announced the Switch edition of Hatsumira: From the Future Undying. The visual novel developed by Frontwing’s Grisaia team will be available on the Nintendo system in 2024 and the publisher has confirmed it’ll include English support.

Hatsumira tells the story of a young man called Ichiro Mimori. Though he decided to launch a kamikaze attack during the Pacific War, he crash-landed into a desert instead. Unfamiliar with the place, he got lost and thirsty, and was eventually saved by a princess who could turn into a dragon.

Now, Ichiro feels determined to return to Japan no matter what due to a promise he made. What awaits him is a journey of meeting many other fantasy races as well as having to survive conflicts revolving around the might of sword and sorcery.

Hatsumira was written by multiple individuals with lead writer Ryuta Fujisaki (The Fruit of Grisaia). The illustrations come from Akio Watanabe and Fumio, both responsible for Grisaia’s designs. Meanwhile, monsters were designed by INO.

Though Prototype hasn’t released any trailers for the Switch version yet, you can see the opening to their Vita edition of the game below:

If you missed it, check out our review of the game.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as Prototype announces more details about the game’s upcoming Switch edition such as the planned release date. As usual for the company, though they haven’t officially revealed it as such, this is likely to be a simultaneous worldwide release on digital storefronts.

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