Visual Novel From Grisaia Team ‘Hatsumira: from the future undying’ Gets April Release Date in the West

Frontwing announced that their visual novel Hatsumira: from the future undying will launch on PC-via Steam in the west on April 27, 2022.

Hatsumira: from the future undying is an adult visual novel that features moments of gore and violence. However, while the game has some suggestive themes, the publisher shares that it only contains “rare partial nudity.” Still, there are plenty of ecchi scenes.

The game was originally released in 2015 but never came west. There is an 18+ version available, and the publisher has confirmed that the X-Rated DLC that was released in Japan will be available for western players. The game was initially released as an all-ages title in Japan. Further, there a surprise that the publisher will share closer to release.

Hatsumira: from the future undying is being developed by the team who created the Grisaia series including lead writer Ryuta Fujisaki and scenario writer Yuhi Nanao. The game also features original artwork by Akio Watanabe and Fumio, in addition to the monster and minor characters designs by INO.

The game is set during the Pacific War when a Zero fighter pilot was on route to execute a kamikaze attack on an enemy ship. However, instead of hitting his target he crashed into a desert and is saved by a princess who can transform into a dragon. He then discovers more of this fantasy world along with other factions of races. Still, his main quest to support Japan in the war is still on his mind.

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