UPDATE: Harvestella Reveals Summer Seaside Town Shatolla; New Produce, Cuisine, Jobs, Screenshots & Renders

Square Enix has shared extensive new details regarding their upcoming action RPG farming simulator, Harvestella. First, the Summer seaside town of Shatolla has been revealed, where many residents support their lifestyles by fishing. A rowdy tavern is located in the town’s center, a prime spot for anglers to bond after a tough work day.

However, ever since the Seaslight negatively altered, enormous bubbles began spawning on the nearby seas, called the Summer Bulla. Further, rumors pertaining to a supposed sea witch named Lorelei begin to spread, stating that her voice can somehow drag ships down to the ocean’s depths.

Summer Seaslight art tshn8uh7s
Standard Seaslight on the left and Quietus Seaslight on the right

To aid in hopefully counteracting this string of misfortune, a singer known as Emo performs in the tavern, aiming to instill courage within the fishers. Moreover, she yearns to make her way to the Seaslight for unknown reasons. On an off-handed note, the Coral Shrine is a dungeon-like area players will find themselves traversing during their time here.

Heine and Emo’s renders are profiles are viewable below:

Two new jobs have been unveiled, the Mechanic and Woglinde, viewable below:

Skills are a newly introduced gameplay mechanic, useable in active and passive varieties. They are learned via the Skill Board and require JP (Job Points) to redeem, gained by defeating enemies.

Official screenshots of the Skill Board in action are viewable below:

Moving on, waterside and cave biomes are showcased, with the former specializing in sweet crops and the latter emphasizing spices and other seasonings. The Renovator is also shown off, letting players in Lethe improve their daily life by expanding their field, building animal enclosures, or constructing a kitchen counter.

Animal enclosures will allow players to rear livestock, and more animal pens will enable greater quantities. Further, the Kitchen Counter is self-explanatory, allowing for cooking that replenishes stamina and health.

Lastly, new crops were revealed. You can view the Summer produce below, followed by the Summer Cuisine:

You can view additional screenshots below:

UPDATE 11/2/2022: Square Enix has shared new artwork from Character Designer Yasushi Hasegawa, depicting Emo and Shrika in Shatolla.

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Throughout Harvestella, players live life through the seasons as they farm, make new friends, and face off against enemies in thrilling combat. However, the season of death known as Quietus interrupts the cycle of the seasons, putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy. Part of the player’s journey will comprise contending with this mysterious threat and unraveling its mysteries.

Harvestella is releasing for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 4, 2022.

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