UPDATE: Harvestella Reveals Winter Location, Holy Capital Argene; Avenger & Pilgrim Jobs, Faerie Orders & FEAR Introduced

Square Enix has shared extensive new details regarding their upcoming action RPG farming simulator, Harvestella. The Winter location, the Holy Capital Argene, has been revealed as a religious city serving as the base of the Seaslight Order. The Winter Seaslight is located at the Divine Cave near the capital, where priests also spend their time performing worship.

When the protagonist and Aria initially head to the city to investigate the Winter Seaslight, they are told that only those who hold the “Flos-Indulgentia” flower can enter the Divine Cave. Further regarding this cave, a priest of the Order states that he’s been receiving divine revelations since the Winter Seaslight began acting up, and those similarly faithful yearn for the Flos-Indulgentia as it’s rumored to mark its wearers as pure.

Another reason priests are seeking this flower is due to a prophecy foretelling an unspecified disaster in the near future. Thankfully, there’s at least an underground passage Aria and the protagonist can utilize that even the Order doesn’t know of.

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A new task players can undergo throughout their daily life is Faerie Orders. A fire faerie by the name of Juno visits the protagonist’s home one day, revealing that not only are they there for a matter regarding the Seaslight but that other faeries also exist. Juno gives you access to the aforementioned Faerie Orders, which are essentially sidequests. They can be checked up on in the Faerie Book at home, and completing them grants valuable rewards such as plowing an extended area of the farming field or even watering, sowing, and harvesting simultaneously.

Moreover, fields can be leveled up to produce higher-quality crops, thereby being used for better meals or sold for higher prices. Helping faeries linked to different Seaslight, like Iris and Shirii, will let players grow crops in water and cave biomes as well.

Two new Jobs have been introduced; Avenger and Pilgrim. The former is best at attacking from a distance. Further, its standard attack can be switched between being instilled with Fire and Ice when a certain skill is unlocked. The Pilgrim Job comprises a magic sword that dishes out both physical and magical attacks. Skills learned with this Job can grant wide-ranged attacks and fields that cause damage over time.

Interestingly, when eating a meal while outside with your party may initiate special storylines that enhance a food’s effects for that instance. And depending on the food you choose to eat, you can learn more sides to the cast.

One final element discussed are monsters called FEAR. They drop potent accessories when defeated but are immensely stronger than the average monster. Sometimes, the game may trick you into thinking that you must defeat them to proceed. However, paying attention to situational context in dungeons will allow players to get past FEAR without a battle.

A new character, Brakka, has been introduced. His render is viewable below alongside his profile:

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Brakka is a mercenary, dressed in black. He fights with a mysterious weapon that sends bullets flying. He’ll take on any request as long as he’s paid, though his price is rumored to be high…

You can view the newly revealed Winter produce via our gallery below:

You can view the newly revealed Winter cuisine via our gallery below:

You can view additionally shared screenshots via our gallery below:

UPDATE 11/1/2022: Square Enix has shared new artwork leading up to release from Character Designer Yasushi Hasegawa, depicting the protagonist, Brakka, and Heine.


Throughout Harvestella, players live life through the seasons as they farm, make new friends, and face off against enemies in thrilling combat. However, the season of death known as Quietus interrupts the cycle of the seasons, putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy. Part of the player’s journey will comprise contending with this mysterious threat and unraveling its mysteries.

Harvestella is releasing for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 4, 2022.

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