UPDATE: Harvestella Reveals New Activities, Lunamancer Job & Day One Patch Details; New Screenshots

Square Enix has shared extensive new details regarding their upcoming action RPG farming simulator, Harvestella. Players are introduced to a special dungeon that only opens when the Quietus is active, where defeating waves of enemies appears to be the name of the game. Further, a new Job is introduced, the Lunamancer. It utilizes wide-ranged magic dependent on gravity.

Food is revealed to be deliverable for quests, granting players currency, recipes, and other unspecified rewards. A newly introduced collectible is Conellu Dolls. They are found throughout the world and can be given to Chief Conellu to gain rewards such as new recipes.

Lastly, Square announced the various updates that the game will receive via a day one patch, quoted below:

Longer days

We’ve reduced time lapse speed on the world map and the field, so you have longer to farm, fish, chat, explore or anything else you want to do!

Fishing is more fun

The hit time for fishing has been reduced, making the activity more rewarding.

Switch jobs faster

The cooldown time for job changes has been reduced, meaning you can switch roles more frequently in combat. It makes it easier to pick the right Job for the… um… job.

The Mage job attacks more quickly

Some players found the Mage job’s strikes a little slow, so its normal attack speed has been increased.

More warning when you’re low on HP

A new warning effect has been added that lets you know when a character’s HP is low. This extra information should help keep your party on their feet in tougher battles!

Additional updates

The full version of HARVESTELLA has also received a number of additional improvements, including:

  • Partially reduced loading time
  • Modified UI during save and auto-save
  • Various assorted bug fixes

New screenshots are viewable via our gallery below:

UPDATE 11/4/2022: Commemorative launch artwork was shared Fgjs6BoakAADKVh , viewable below:


Throughout Harvestella, players live life through the seasons as they farm, make new friends, and face off against enemies in thrilling combat. However, the season of death known as Quietus interrupts the cycle of the seasons, putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy. Part of the player’s journey will comprise contending with this mysterious threat and unraveling its mysteries.

Harvestella is releasing for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 4, 2022.

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