UPDATE: Harvestella Reveals Starting Town Lethe, Omen, Assault Savant Job, Fall Cuisine & More

UPDATE: Harvestella Reveals Starting Town Lethe, Omen, Assault Savant Job, Fall Cuisine & More

Square Enix has shared new gameplay and character information for their upcoming farming action JRPG, Harvestella.

The title’s narrative is more intricately discussed, with players beginning their journey in Lethe Village. This world has four crystals governing the seasons, the Seaslight. However, in the time periods between seasons, a phenomenon called the Quietus occurs, birthing the Season of Death. During these perilous interims, crops die, and people hide indoors.

Doctor Cres save the protagonist while the Quietus is taking place. Additionally, an armored figure called an Omen crash lands north of Lethe Village. These beings are believed to be responsible for the recent seasonal havoc since they mysteriously investigate the Seaslight. And so, the protagonist begins their new life in a house near Lethe Village, Bird’s Eye Brae, watching over the recently appeared Omen.

New artworks by illustrator Isamu Kamikokuryo were shared, depicting Lethe Village and its Fall Seaslight variation:

Lethe Village resides close to the Seaslight, meaning it can experience all four seasons. Many vendors are accessible in this hub area, such as a General Store, Blacksmith, and Renovator. Another highlighted area is the Higan Canyon which houses the Fall Seaslight.

One of the key characters players will encounter is an Omen called Dianthus. Her armor’s condition is not in the best of states as she approaches the Fall Seaslight, but the protagonist aids her, and they head toward the Seaslight together.

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The Assault Savant Job is then briefly showcased as an embracer of Science and Martial Arts. The effects and attributes of one’s skills can be switched while utilizing this Job.

Further regarding combat is the recently revealed Break Gauge system, where mighty foes will fall once struck with their elemental weaknesses a certain number of times. While they lay in their Break State, special attacks can occur to inflict notable damage. These distinct moves are learned from hanging out with the cast.

Moving on to traversal, the main character has a pet Totokaku that can ride around the world and even dig up items. It can also be fed to increase its level to unlock more functionalities.

Livestock can be raised by building animal pens, letting creatures like cluffowl and woolums be reared. Materials like eggs and milk can be obtained this way. To care for one’s livestock, Feed can be created with a processor. Lastly, Letters are mentioned, and they primarily act as vehicles for thank yous and presents.

Fall produce was shared and viewable via our gallery below:

Fall cuisine was shared and viewable via our gallery below:

You can view the numerous officially provided screenshots via our gallery below:

UPDATE 11/3/2022: Square Enix has shared new artwork by Character Designer Yasushi Hasegawa depicting the protagonist and Dianthus.


Throughout Harvestella, players live life through the seasons as they farm, make new friends, and face off against enemies in thrilling combat. However, the season of death known as Quietus interrupts the cycle of the seasons, putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy. Part of the player’s journey will comprise contending with this mysterious threat and unraveling its mysteries.

Harvestella is releasing for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 4, 2022.

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