UPDATE: Harvestella Introduces Istina, Sky Lancer Job & Spring Town Nemea With Its Cuisine & Crops

Square Enix has shared more news on their upcoming fantasy and life simulator adventure, Harvestella. The Spring Town of Nemea is introduced as a locale with flowers constantly blooming due to the Spring Seaslight.

During nighttime, the trees’ cherry blossoms become ever more prominent. However, a bizarre, large egg recently landed atop the Seaslight, causing unfamiliar spawns to appear and attack the town’s denizens. Asyl, a member of the Argus Brigade, is investigating these incidents.

The Sky Lancer is also introduced as an adept physical attacking Job with a wide range. Further, it possesses the element of Wind. Working with Asyl unlocks this Job for use.

Additionally, characters that can join the player in combat all have their own Character Stories divulging their backstory, traits, and other facets. Gameplay benefits and other rewards are received through embracing these occurrences.

Fishing is briefly highlighted as well, which looks relatively self-explanatory. And when farming, harvested fruits and vegetables can be shipped to make a profit. Certain crafted machines can create processed goods for higher selling prices too.

You can view the many revealed screenshots for Harvestella below, alongside a new character render, Spring Crops, and Spring Cuisine:


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A teacher for the town’s orphans. She’s quite knowledgeable but veils her emotions. Only arrived at Nemea a few years ago and is forced to confront her past once the protagonist is present.

UPDATE 10/31/2022: Square Enix has shared new artwork from Character Designer Yasushi Hasegawa commemorating the game’s close launch, depicting Asyl, Istina, and Aria in Nemea.

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Harvestella is releasing for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 4, 2022.

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