Key-Developed Kinetic Novel ‘Harmonia’ Gets Worldwide Nintendo Switch Edition in October

Visual Arts announced the Switch port of Harmonia will be available digitally worldwide on October 20, 2022. The kinetic novel developed by Key will include English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese language options for the text and will be fully voiced in Japanese adding voices to the protagonist Rei for the new edition.

Harmonia takes place in a distant future after war left a big scar on the world. Human population reduced to small groups that ended up gathering together to survive the dire crisis as food and water became a very limited resource and ashes covered the sky.

The kinetic novel follows the story of Rei, a “Phiroid” humanoid robot who looks like a boy. While he should have the ability to feel emotions, he notices his emotions module seems to be malfunctioning after he wakes up in a factory.

As he journeys through the devastated outside world, he finds a girl who mistakes him for a human and starts taking care of him. They move to a cozy small town and start living together, a choice that will slowly allow Rei to learn about feelings.

Just like with Planetarian, Harmonia is part of Visual Arts’ Kinetic Novel label, which aims to provide high-quality production values and an unprecedented sense of empathy towards the characters and situations. This also means the game has no choices for the player, reducing interactivity for the writers to have more creative control over the plot developments.

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