Visual Novel ‘Happy Saint Sheol’ to Receive Free Demo This Weekend; Merry Christmas

Visual Novel ‘Happy Saint Sheol’ to Receive Free Demo This Weekend; Merry Christmas

Sekai Project announced that the 122pxsheol-developed visual novel Happy Saint Sheol will receive a free demo on Saturday at 12:00 am PST on PC via Steam.

The demo will likely be based on the All-Ages version, but the relationship bits don’t happen until much later. So, you should be good to at least play the opening if you care about the adult patch.

Happy Saint Sheol tells the story of ordinary girls in a post-apocalyptic setting, two thousand years after the Pestis Disaster transformed the land into a hostile environment. In response to these harsh conditions, a sanctuary known as Saint Sheol of the Underworld was established for those striving to survive on the desolate land. The protagonist, driven by a desire to live in the capital, relocates there with help from a distant relative and starts a new life as a trainee priest at Saint Sheol. Amidst the daily struggles and hardships in this unfamiliar land, a moment of solace comes when an angel visits the protagonist in a dream, offering comfort with a gentle whisper. This ethereal experience is particularly striking as the protagonist recognizes the angel, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to their journey.

The narrative of Happy Saint Sheol centers around six girls who face the looming shadow of disaster within the temple’s depths, where fear, miracles, love, and lust intertwine. After experiencing the world’s darkest depths, the protagonist is compelled to confront a dazzling new reality, prompting introspection and the pivotal question: Whose wings were seen on that day? The game features character design by RaV² and a scenario by Hanami, creating a rich visual novel with multiple choices and endings. It showcases an old-school aesthetic in its graphics and includes an opening theme by AKGR. The game supports English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese language options and offers additional content like a gallery and a lore mode, allowing players to delve deeper into its elaborate world and story.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the game’s release date, which has yet to be annoucned.

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