Otome Visual Novel ‘Hana Awase: New Moon’ From Developer HuneX Coming West to PC and Switch

During Anime Expo 2023, MangaGamer announced they will publish the HuneX and Woga-developed otome visual novel Hana Awase: New Moon to Nintendo Switch and PC via MangaGamer and Steam.

Hana Awase: New Moon is an all-ages otome visual novel is a release in the Hana Awase series that began in 2012. This release will feature the four installments in the series that gives players a different world, featuring the same cast of characters, sometimes, these are identical to the other, but others are different.

The game spans time and reality, where a young woman has been drawn to play Kasen, a game that uses hanafuda cards. Through playing, she comes to meet five mysterious men, all of whom are elite players and all of whom guard secrets that hold the power to alter her world irreparably. As the overarching truth slowly unfolds, the immense scope of the battle being waged through the hanafuda cards becomes visible, and the pursuit of romance and a happy ending becomes more and more complex.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Hana Awase: New Moon in the West.

For now, you can watch the streaming trailer below to get a better idea of the story and characters:

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