We Got You Covered Finding Halloween Themed Gaming Events

Halloween is fun and all, but we all know it means it’s time for some special events on our favorite online games. We will be actively updating this feature with special events as they come our way, but please feel free to let us know in the comments if we missed any and tell us your favorites because we definitely want to know.

Titles will be listed in alphabetical order:

dead by daylight

Black Desert Online – Two spooky bosses join Black Desert for Halloween and give players a chance to earn creepy rewards. Collect 10 black fabrics and turn them into craft from a selection of Halloween outfits.

Black Squad – Players of this first-person shooter can obtain Halloween themed weapons and play in new Halloween maps.

Brave Frontier: the Last Summoner – Starting on October 19 and lasting for several weeks, this mobile JRPG will allow fans to play as Caleb Hadeslay, Jasia Nightvoice, Elaria Krux, and Ingvar Jotunn the spirit hunters engaged by the Vordaria Empire. During their mission players will hunt down a mysterious girl, Lucy, in the city of Uppsa.

Uppsa has been transformed into a special map with 90 new dungeons and 1 secret quest unlocked after completing the story. Also, Halloween Crystals can be found which open Portals for a chance to add Lucy and the Spirit Nymphes to the party as well ass craft new Halloween Weapons.

Closers – During the month of October players can find new Halloween themed costumes and on October 30 a new character, Soma, will be added to the game.

destiny 2

Destiny 2 – Another Halloween, another Destiny 2 event. Players can get their hands on Halloween themed armor and items. Additional PvE mode will also unlock with horde survival game modes and additional murder mystery quests will be offered.

Dauntless – During the Dauntless Harvest event players can travel to Ramsgate to take part in a new Halloween quest. Additional enemies and unique rewards can also be found.

DC Universe Online – The Witching Hour event lasts from October 1 until October 31 and finds Gotham City overrun by villains. Players must speak to the Phantom Stranger or Tala in order to learn more about their mission.

Dead By Daylight – Behaviour Studios will launch their “Hallowed Blight” event from October 19 until November 2. This event adds a special currency that can be traded for unique cosmetic pieces, Survivor’s Will’o Wisp flashlight, and the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox which glows in the dark. In order to get the currency, killers and survivors will need to fill Vials found throughout the map.

Final Fantasy XIV

Dungeons & Dragons Online – From October 2 to November 4, players will explore a redesigned Delera’s Graveyard where they can battle evil ghosts, skeletons, wraiths, and more. Additional unique Halloween themed items are also available to players after completing in-game quests.

EverQuest – This nights of the Dead event last from October 10 to November and the living dead have returned to Norrath. Players will also complete quests in order to get new unique costumes and Halloween themed armor.

EverQuest 2 – From October 5 to November 1, players will be able to participate in new quests and gather unique items to purchase cosmetics and house items.

Final Fantasy XIV – Open from October 18 until November 1, this new All Saints’ Wake event allows players to explore a haunted manor on a special questline in order to obtain unique rewards.

During the in-game event, players will see the return of the Continental Circus to Gridania, including two ghost minions, Little Yin and Little Yang. Certain items from past All Saints’ Wake event will be available during this time along with new ones.

Fortnite – Do I even have to say anything? If you play Fortnite you probably already know.

Guild Wars 2 – From October 16 to November 6, players can take part in the Reaper’s Rumble, a fast-paced PvP mode where players recover pumpkins and spawn skeletons to attack an enemy’s base.


H1Z1 – From October 23 until November 6, this Hauntfest event is available to PlayStation 4 players and will unlock a new arcade mode. In Hauntfest, players pick up candies around the map which increase speed but limit vision. There are unique crates also offered during this event.

Hearthstone – From October 17 until October 31, players can get a free Witch’s Cauldron card just for logging in. Also, players can purchase a new Paladin hero with a Witchwood bundle.

Killing Floor 2 – This is a zombie game…but this event gets things a little more spooky with an update to a new Monster Ball map complete with Halloween-themed effects. There are also new weapons and limited items available.

Lord of the Rings Online – From October 17 to November 6, players will be able to participate in the Harvestmath Festival, which offers mini-games, new exploration areas, and spooky quest. There’s also a Hay Maze ride for players.

MapleStory 2 – Special Halloween themed quests, dungeons, and in-game contest are available to the player from October 17 until November 8. Players will be able to solve a mysterious murder and obtain special in-game items.


Overwatch – The Halloween Terror event will allow players to take part in two separate PvE modes, Classic and Endless Night. Additionally, players can acquire new emotes, sprays, and other Halloween themed events.

PlanetSide 2 – From October 9 to October 31, players get to play through the Nanite of the Living Dead event where they can collect pumpkin seeds and trade them for cosmetic items.

Rocket League – Starting on October 15 and ending on November 8, players can earn Candy Corn for completing online matches, which can be used to purchase new decals and other Halloween cosmetics.

splatoon2 halloween masks 1.jpg.optimal

Splatoon 2 – From October 19 to October 21, players can pick a side between Team Trick or Team Treat. Additionally, Inkopolis has been decorated with Halloween decorations with additional cosmetic items available to players.

Tera – On October 30 Tera console players can play through the Deathwrack update, a free downloadable update that features two new dungeons and new gear for the holiday.

World of Warships – The Halloween Update adds new missions to game with Halloween themed maps.

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