Third Half-Life 2 Episode Fanmade Project ‘Project Borealis: Epistle 3’ Gets New Video Update

The Project Borealis Team has released a new gameplay video update for their fan project developing a 3rd Half-Life 2 episode based on the Epistle 3 script that was published by Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw.

The update features information on where the team currently is in game’s development as well gives fans a look at the progress they’ve made so far. This is also a way to show off the game’s maps and enemies, which all have a more modern look to them.

Project Manager Florian Häsler said “This update is the result of a significant evolution in the team over the last year. We refined our development workflows and adopted a new approach to structuring the work ahead of us. This has brought about great work, some of which we’re showcasing in this update; the team is developing some exciting tech, using modern technology to explore our gameplay options. We can’t wait to hear what the community thinks about our progress and direction.”

Additionally, the video gives a good idea to the process of developing the game’s levels, in this case, it’s an ice cave. The team highlights the progress made on the gameplay, including providing a deep-dive into the game’s physics and audio technologies as well as brand new mechanics.

Currently, the team is actively hiring new help.

You can watch the new gameplay video below:

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