Monster Girl Action RPG ‘Hakoniwa Explorer Plus’ Gets Switch Release Date in New Trailer

Playism announced they will publish the suxamethonium-developed action RPG Hakoniwa Explorer Plus on Nintendo Switch on June 18 for $11.99.

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is an action RPG that features adorable monster girls who are trying to beat you up. Players assume the role of a hero who is a bit down on his or her luck. Throughout the game, players will speak to NPCs who have information on dungeons. The players then head to the world map to use this information to fill out their map of possible searchable areas in hopes of discovering a boss, which yields high rewards.

The game also features some lewd activity, such as slapping the butt of Sukumizu, which will cause you to take one damage, but the option is there. Sukumizu will guide the player through the game and its various mechanics.

Furthermore, the monsters that players fight are each rather attractive, almost naked, girls. However, don’t let that fool you; they are definitely trying to kill you. Players will have to use a handful of abilities and different weapon types to get through encounters.

The publisher also released a new trailer showing the game running on Switch hardware.

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is now available on PC-via Steam.

You can watch the trailer below:

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