Hades II Early Access Announced for PC Quarter 2 2024

Developer SuperGiant has announced that their upcoming roguelike action game Hades II will launch for PC in early access via Steam and the Epic Games Store in the second quarter of 2024. Pricing, release date, and system requirements have not been revealed yet.

Additionally, shortly before the early access, a technical test with a limited sample of players will be run to remedy any overlooked problems. Player feedback will be integral to the eventual full-scale launch.

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This time around, players will control the immortal witch and sorceress Princess of the Underworld, Melinoë, as she sets off on a quest to defeat the forces spawned by the Titan of Time.

Like Zagreus, Olympus is supporting her efforts. Although, she is not wholly original, as she does exist in ancient mythology, but only minimally. This vagueness surrounding her made the team want to explore her character.

Her weapons of the night can be infused with ancient magick, and she can gain boons from Olympus’ gods. And like the first game, interaction and affinity will be present and fully voiced, with dozens of unique characters.

Further, aside from the essential roguelike systems, familiars can be tamed, an intriguing object known as the Arcana Altar can be investigated, and the Tools of the Unseen can gather reagents. In addition, permanent upgrades and God Mode from the first entry will be re-implemented, allowing for greater accessibility. Players can also anticipate an original score and smoother real-time 3D characters.

The developer has stated while this new game does take place after the original Hades, no prior knowledge is needed. Connections will be present for those familiar with that title, however.

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