Hacking Adventure ‘Recompile’ Gets New Trailer Showing Off the High-Tech Mainframe Ahead of Release on Next-Gen Consoles

Publisher Dear Villagers, known for their work on the recently released The Forgotten City, has uploaded a new trailer today with developer Phigames, briefly showcasing their upcoming hacking adventure, Recompile.

This trailer excellently displays the eerie digital landscape of the Mainframe, with a tease of the sinister soundtrack players will find themselves accompanied by.

You can view this newly released trailer for Recompile below:

Recompile puts players through numerous challenges as they navigate a 3D platforming world and take on powerful enemies while utilizing an environment physics-based hacking mechanic. Throughout the game, players will unlock new abilities that include time dilation and jetpack flight.

The gameplay features Metroidvania-esque progression through the world along with non-linear exploration. There’s a variety of weapons to discover along with additional abilities to help with the colossal enemies that block your path to freedom.

There are multiple endings based on the player’s actions. They’ll be able to repair systems, restore lost data, and hack or destroy enemies. This leads them to learn more about the narrative and the truth about the Hypervisor.

The story is written by narrative designer Faye Simms and explores the theme of sentient machines and the nature of choice.

Recompile is releasing for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on August 19, 2021.

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