GUNGRAVE GORE Ultimate Enhanced Edition Details New Additions in Latest Video

Developer Iggymob has shared a new video for their gun-action game GUNGRAVE GORE Ultimate Enhanced Edition, detailing the exact changes made to this Switch release from previous iterations.

Some alterations include a new original illustration for the main menu and the Full Break system. The latter increases the number of bullets and can be activated every 70 hits, with the capability to grow stronger.

Another new element is Run Shot, which was implemented to address the critiques of sluggish movement for the base version of the game. This allows players to run and shoot simultaneously. The hud UI has been significantly cleaned up, and weapon customization has been added, too, alongside new playable characters.

Further, the difficulty levels, battle design, waypoints, animations, and more facets have been improved based on player feedback.

In Gungrave GORE Beyond-the-Grave. Known as the “reaper,” everyone seems to be afraid of him; being that he was once the world’s best hitman, I can see why. In the story, he was killed after a betrayal by his trusted friend Harry but ended up coming back to life by what is known as the necroraise skill. Because of this, he must pay the price of forgetting his emotions and memories, with the only thing he remembers being a name, Asagi Mika.

Tasked with taking down the drug, SEED, Grave partners with Mika, and they find themselves in a place that appeared recently known as Scumland. Gungrave GORE begins as Grave and Mika head towards the new city to put a stop to SEED once and for all.

You can view the development presentation video for GUNGRAVE GORE Ultimate Enhanced Edition below:

GUNGRAVE GORE Ultimate Enhanced Edition is now digitally available in Europe for Nintendo Switch. North America will receive the title on October 18, 2023, while Japan and Asia will get the game on January 11, 2024.

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