Gungrave GORE Revealed Screenshots and Details for Mainstage “Scumland”

Gungrave GORE Revealed Screenshots and Details for Mainstage “Scumland”

Iggymod has released a few screenshots for their upcoming gun-action game Gungrave GORE, in development exclusively for PlayStation 4.

The screenshots show the game’s mainstage, Scumland, an islay that appeared overnight near the South China Sea. Evidently, a man traveled to the land and was followed by the masses. The people began trashing it and claiming that the land was theirs. Soon after, the island was pretty much a slum. Strange events began to happen on the island as its appearance seemed to rapidly change. Buildings emerged out of nowhere and citizens started disappearing inside of them. To their surprise, ogmen became the result of what was happening on the island and these building just so happened to be SEED creating facilities.

Criminals flocked from everywhere to get their hands on SEED, filling the island even more. The Raven Clan mafia was chosen to head Scumland and control the SEED addicted Ogmena and Mercenaries who were loyal to the mafia.

Iggymob’s Creative Director Hovart said, “Scumland is a city where SEED took the control. Internationally notorious Raven Clan is the main handler. Everything that moves in Scumland can be a threat to the players. It can be a living organism or a machine”. He emphasized that “you have to destroy everything around you in order for you to survive”.

During Gungrave GORE, players will fight against enemies in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Scumland in an effort to get rid of Raven Clan.

I know this all sounds strange, but if you’ve played Gungrave you’d probably understand a little better. Who cares though really, I’m just excited to see some stylish action and fix the wrongdoings of Gungrave VR.

You can check out the screenshots for Scumland below:

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