Gungrave GORE Releases Cinematic Story Trailer With Gameplay

Iggymob has released the first trailer for their upcoming gun-action game Gungrave GORE, in development exclusively for PlayStation 4.

The trailer acts as a reunion of sorts as characters from the series meet once again, meaning that they fight it out in the most cinematic and bloody way possible. Also, Quartz is introduced in the trailer as a new character. Towards the end of the trailer, we get to see gameplay and it’s definitely not what Gungrave VR looked like. The game’s Scumland environment looks alive and full of danger. This game has our attention.

In Gungrave GORE Beyond-the-Grave. Known as the “reaper”, everyone seems to be afraid of him, being that he was once the word’s best hitman, I can see why. In the story, he was killed after a betrayal by his trusted friend Harry but ended up coming back to life by what is known as the necroraise skill. Because of this, he must pay the price of forgetting his emotions and memories with the only thing he remembers being a name, Asagi Mika.

Tasked with taking down the drug, SEED, Grave partners with Mika and find themselves in a place that appeared recently known as ScumlandGungrave GORE begins as Grave and Mika head towards the new city to put a stop to SEED once and for all.

During Gungrave GORE, players will fight against enemies in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Scumland in an effort to get rid of Raven Clan. The story is very strange, but it makes if you’ve played the previous titles or watched the anime.

You can watch the trailer below:

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