GungHo Discussing Internally on Grandia III Remastered and Returning to the Series

Recently, GungHo Online released Grandia HD Collection on Nintendo Switch. This remastered version of the game improved textures as well as added the Japanese audio to the titles. However, little has been mentioned about possibly remastering Grandia III or even returning to the series for a proper Grandia IV.

During an interview with GungHo CEO Kazuki Morishita, we asked what the reception was like for Grandia HD Collection, “We received a lot of praise for that title from users as well as great feedback for the remastered version.” Said Morishita-san, “Because the west’s reaction was so good, we released the game in Japan and the number one trending word in the region at launch was ‘Grandia’. I was really surprised to see that when I woke up.”

When it comes to remastering the rest of the Grandia series, including Grandia III and Xtreme, Morishita-san let us know that they are “considering it” internally based on the reactions from players for Grandia I and II. On whether or not the company has plans to return to the series and create a brand new entry, Morishita-san stated, “There is a lot of discussions internally about this, based on the voices of users who want to see it happen. Grandia is not a title that I personally started, but I do have a lot of respect for it. If we were to put something new out, I would want it to fit in well with the original series and improve it where I feel I can, which does put a lot of pressure on me. Looking at the RPG aspects of the series, I have to work on finding a way to create something that will satisfy users.”

Grandia HD Collection is available now digitally on Nintendo Switch. Check out our review of the game if you’d like to know more.

The full interview will be posted soon.

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