Gun Gun Pixies Review – Unapologetically Lewd

    Title: Gun Gun Pixies
    Developer: Compile Heart
    Release Date: September 6, 2019
    Reviewed On: Switch
    Publisher: PQube
    Genre: TPS

No studio does over-the-top lewd content better than Compile Heart. What’s most important is the lewd content they produce is so insane that you’d be crazy not to play it or at least look at it. Gun Gun Pixies happens to be their newest game to come west and it is by far the strangest and lewdest game that I’ve played from the studio. It takes a little bit of time to wrap your head around, but once you get the ball rolling it becomes a sinfully fun experience.

Gun Gun Pixies begins with two tiny alien girls, Bee-tan and Kame-pon, as they infiltrate a college girl’s dormitory. Their goal is to focus on the social interactions of the girls as well as keep them happy and document their relationships. Sadly, if the two aliens leave the dormitory they will die, but the story does end up showing different environments.

In the first three chapters of the game, things are a little messy as none of the stories are cohesive and the game doesn’t care about making any sense. Things like eating disorders and forgetful old friends are the prime issues here which makes it all content to be skipped over. Thankfully, after chapter three things do get a little better as an antagonist or potential issue arises to make you want to see the story through until the end. But honestly, do you even care about the story?

gun gun pixies 1

The writing is decent and full of yuri jokes. The game does well at setting up a decent character arc but doesn’t provide a character development that will stick with the player for years to come. I should add that there is a lot of story content in the game, but it’s balanced out with gameplay.

I ended up enjoying the story for giving me exactly what I’d expect from a game like this. The idea here is to monitor the tenants and assist them with their needs and perhaps make them happy along the way. The relationship between Bee-tan and Kame-pon is adorable and I felt that they made a great duo.

gun gun pixies 3

Missions in the game are a complete mess, they require a lot of patience to get through thanks to their repetitive nature and the game’s stiff controls. Throughout the game players will need to do things like rid the room of enemies, search through laptops, and avoid getting caught. The problem here is that there are only so many rooms in the dormitory and you’ll be visiting these rooms over and over again many times. Furthermore, jumping in the game is tougher than anything else because of how stiff it feels and the camera doesn’t help at all.

The saving grace for this game is perhaps the shooting, which doesn’t raise the bar of the TPS genre, but it is rather fun. Ammo exhausts after every shot so knowing where the refill items are is crucial to get through some of the stages. There are also portals scattered throughout the room that power up the shots and make things a little easier.

I will say that the lewd content in Gun Gun Pixies is a huge plus towards what makes it so appealing and fun. While some lewd games put a stronger focus on the story to justify your playthrough, Gun Gun Pixies is extremely “in your face” making you want to complete the game if only to see how far they will push the content. If you were wondering, it’s pretty damn far.

gun gun pixies 2

At the end of each chapter, players will need to shoot the girls with happy bullets to solve the issue that has been evolving over the respective chapter. However, this isn’t something you’d want to play around your family or significant other because it pushes the bar of what I’ve seen in most lewd games like this. Still, the game doesn’t just hand these content to the player these levels are challenging and play out similar to a 3D shmup where you’ll need to dodge attacks and projectiles that spew out from the girl.

It’s here that all of your hard work pays off and you get to enjoy a nice bathing level. All of the stiff controls and mindless missions of taking out enemies, running around rooms back and forth, and so-so character development and dialogue all lead to this perfect moment of half-naked anime girls in a bath. You will feel as though nothing else matters and you’ll want to continue just to get to this point again.

gun gun

Graphically, I thought the character designs were pretty good for what the game is. I felt that the character illustrations and 3D models were cute and I was surprised when they changed costumes throughout the story. However, the level designs got old fast and forced me to remember that this was a PlayStation Vita game. Still, there were nice little touches here and there such as posters and various panties hanging around. While the voiced audio in the game was expertly done, I felt that that the music in the game wasn’t too memorable at all.

Issues in the game stem from the game’s controls and lack of directions in some missions. Most of the time, I had to go to the start menu after each scene just to see what the game wanted me to do to progress. Also, I found an instance of untranslated text on a character model, but the translation and localization work on the dialogue of the game was all done well.

gun gun pixies

Gun Gun Pixies offers exactly what you’re looking for if you’re thinking about playing it and more. It is perhaps the lewdest game that I’ve played to come west on console and I ended up loving it for that. I laughed several times during the game’s story and I was happy with the game’s conclusion. Where the game could have been improved were the controls and perhaps a less repetitive mission structure.

You most likely already know if you want to play Gun Gun Pixies and this review won’t mean anything to you. Just know that the story does improve after a couple of hours and the characters do end up growing on you. I will admit, the zaniness and adorable characters were what got me through this game and I’m sure that’s exactly what the developer wanted. While I don’t recommend playing this game in public, don’t let me tell you had to live your life.

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