Mobile MMORPG ‘Guardians of Cloudia’ Launches on iOS and Android in the West

Neocraft announced that their mobile MMORPG Guardians of Cloudia is available now on iOS and Android in the west.

Guardians of Cloudia has players assume the role of a Skywalker and choose one of five basic classes, Archer, Oracle, Mage, Rogue, or Swordsman. After this general choice, players can branch out toward two advanced classes to specialize in such as Sharpshooter, Pyromage, or Destroyer. Further, a rune system allows Skywalkers to improve their stats beyond their standard gear and a full range of customization options.

The quest doesn’t have to be a lonely one as players have access to over 100 pets to collect. Each pet falls into an elemental category, Wind, Fire, and Earth. Each pet has its own unique active and passive skills — some of which can be an absolute game-changer — unique appearances, and skillsets, and pets will change their appearance as they evolve. Skywalkers can strategically combine pets to improve their character class, such as combining a Pyromage with a fire-type pet to become an even more fearsome adversary.

Players begin in the City of Cloudia where they set out for some PvE action. The game also supports PvP modes, which include 1v1, Team vs Team, Guild vs Guild, and a Battle Royale mode.

You can watch the opening cinematic below:

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