Guacamelee! 2 Details New DLC, Switch Release Date, and Reveals Xbox One Version

Drinkbox Studios announced some new updates for their Metroidvania action game Guacamelee! 2.

It seems like the publisher just enjoys dumping a bunch of news out at one so we’ll make this as easy as possible. Okay, so first off, the Nintendo Switch version of Guacamelee! 2 will launch on December 10, if you haven’t already check out our review of Guacamelee! on Switch.

Also, Guacamelee! 2 has received the first of two DLC packs, Tree Ememigos, which unlocks El Muñeco, Uay Pek and Jaguar Javier as playable characters. The DLC is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam. The DLC will also be available to the other versions of the game at launch.

The second DLC, Proving Grounds, will launch later in December and adds 15 new challenges and unlocks Flame Face, Chamoya, Coscorrona, Ramirez, Uay Coco and two other (secret) playable characters.

Lastly, Guacamelee! 2 will be headed to Xbox One in January 2019. The game received an announcement trailer showing gameplay and action.

Guacamelee! 2 is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC-vis Steam.

You can check out the Xbox One trailer below:

Author’s take: They really know how to do an announcement! I’m glad to see that Guacamelee! 2 will get in the hands of more players. Hopefully, we see some more from Drink Box Studio in the future, I know they aren’t the type of studio to just stick with one IP, so I’m excited to see what they come up with next.

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