Frontwing Visual Novel ‘Grisaia Chronos Rebellion’ Coming to Steam Next Week

Frontwing has announced Grisaia Chronos Rebellion is coming to PC (Steam) on July 26, 2023 (July 27 in Japan). This is an offline visual novel edition of the mobile game with the same name that ended service in Japan on August 31, 2021. While the original never came west, this new edition will include English as a language option while including Japanese for voice and as an alternative text option.

Grisaia Chronos Rebellion mixes the cast from the original series with the characters from the Phantom Trigger games and a new Class D of Mihama Academy. The plot is written by Asta Konno (ATRI -My Dear Moments-) along with the team behind the original The Fruit of Grisaia.

As a new terrorist organization called Hadeo threatens the world, Class D, which gathers third-rate students, will see themselves forced to take guns into their hands and make a way to a brighter future with their own hands. Players will control the handler Arata, who trains these girls by using an experimental technology called PeTS, which synchronizes their neural signals.

During a specific mission, he finds a girl inside an incubator. This mysterious individual, who calls herself “L”, somehow syncs with him through the PeTS and the two escape the terrorist hideout. With L now a part of Class D, trouble is definitely coming their way.

You can also check out the opening video for Grisaia Chronos Rebellion below:

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