Bullet Hell Visual Novel ‘Gremory: Tale of the God Slayer’ Reveals Kickstarter Release Date for Later This Month

MiKandi Japan has announced plans to launch a Kickstarter for the Studio BottomText developed bullet hell visual novel Gremory: Tale of the God Slayer on PC in the west.

The game is a visual novel and bullet hell hybrid, where the player will understand the struggle between the gods of Asgard and daemons. The story follows Gremory, a powerful daemon who has been stripped of her power. After escaping Asgard, she now wanderers through the many realities in search of someone who can restore her power. After arriving on Earth, she finds a new god, and through him, she is granted salvation. However, he’s not so lucky.

The bullet hell portions of the game will happen between the story portions as Gremory fights through Asgard and escapes from the divine messengers. It’s not completely easy, but the reward is said to be worth the risk, whatever that means.

The game’s Kickstarter will launch on October 22. Interestingly, the publisher has no plans to release an all-ages version for the game. The Kickstarted release will be the adult version that features non-Mosiac CGs. Additionally, the game will launch with a demo for players to try out before backing the project.

The publisher released a short teaser trailer to give viewers an idea of the story and character, which you can watch below:

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