Gravity Rush 2 Fan Creates 60 FPS Patch For PlayStation 4/Pro

Gravity Rush fan and modder illusion has announced that they have released a 60 frames-per-second patch for Gravity Rush 2 for modded PlayStation 4s and PlayStation 4 Pros. These efforts have been extensive and noteworthy, with the stability of 60 fps being a hard-fought achievement. On their latest blog, illusion shared a comparison video highlighting the recently implemented lack of presentative stuttering.

Moreover, while there are select instances throughout the game where the default 30 FPS will initiate, illusion has added a button combination (L3 + X) to switch between the initial 30 FPS and revamped 60 FPS modes. For more details on this patch’s history and how to use it, check out the modder’s latest blog post.

Considering Sony’s recent outings, it’s highly unfortunate that Gravity Rush likely won’t receive any official support in the future. Still, passionate fans will always make their voices heard, and efforts like this patch by illusion show that the Gravity Rush community is still going strong.

In fact, today marks the first game’s 10-year anniversary.

To commemorate the Gravity Rush franchise’s 10-year anniversary, the fansite Gravity Rush Central interviewed the director of both entries, Keiichiro Toyama, earlier this year.

Gravity Rush is a series that centers around the protagonist Kat, an endearing girl who has the ability to control gravity. The games boast inventive exploration, puzzle design, cutscene presentation, and more. They’re both currently available for PlayStation 4.

A video showcasing the Gravity Rush 2 fanmade 60 FPS patch is viewable below:

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